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Welcome to Integrated Therapies

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About Integrated Therapies

Integrated therapies is an edmonton-based holistic
health centre located in a beautiful heritage home in
Old Strathcona.

We specialize in combining bodywork, movement and counselling therapies in multi-dimensional treatment modalities that will enhance your own natural ability to heal.

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Acupuncture Edmonton

Acupuncture is an ancient traditional treatment for
a wide range of complaints and conditions.
The stimulation of specific points helps to clear physical and emotional blockages in the body by activating the immune system and balancing hormones and metabolism.

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Massage Therapy Edmonton

Massage therapy is a time-hornored remedy for many physical problems. It improves circulation
and nutrition to muscle tissues and internal organs, increasing oxygenation and bringing rest, calm
and a deeper connection with body, mind and spirit.

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