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Mariano is an Alberta-registered acupuncturist and manual osteopathic therapist  He specializes in integrating healing therapies and finding new ways to address the health concerns of his patients.

But it wasn’t always that way . . . Mariano was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His earliest childhood dream was to become a Hollywood star, so he first pursued the thespian arts. When acting didn’t turn out to be his forte, he switched the focus of his studies to marketing and advertising. His next aspiration, to design ad campaigns and travel the world, was closer to the mark. He spent several years flying high as the director of the communication department of an international production company, working in Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles.

Ultimately, however, he realized that he had not yet found his calling, so he left the marketing world behind and went to India, where he discovered a deeper meaning, and was drawn to the study of massage. That was the first step on the road he has since travelled.

Mariano started his studies in the healing arts in 1997 with a prolonged trip to the east. He was trained in traditional Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Zen Shiatsu in Dharamsala, India, and Ayurvedic Medicine in Kerala, India. He went on to further studies in massage at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and he worked in healing clinics and taught workshops in Germany, Scotland, Argentina and Spain. Feeling the need to deepen his understanding and add further treatment modalities, he then undertook the study of traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Edmonton.

He most recently studied advanced pain relief techniques with Kiiko Matsumoto, director of the Acupuncture Course for physicians at the Harvard Medical School. He is passionate in his pursuit of real knowledge and styles of work, and frequently attends workshops and seminars..

Provided treatments: Acupuncture, Acupuncture & Massage, Manual Osteopathic Therapy

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