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Soledad is a massage therapist and Alliance-registered Yoga instructor who uses bodywork and conscious movement to help her clients help themselves.

In the practice of Hatha yoga she integrates elements of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Akhanda yoga traditions with Pilates and the alignment and body awareness of dance to create an enhanced practice that maximizes the benefits to the whole individual. She is also a passionate Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga instructor.

“ Dancing and movement are a part of life on the island of Puerto Rico where I grew up. As a child I knew the innocence of relaxed breathing. But I really discovered the power of breath when I was 19. After a yoga practice, during Savasana (corpse pose) as I was lying still on the floor, letting the gentle flow of the breath move my body I felt the edges of my body open up and melt away. I realized my body started to open and surrender. My mind followed and I experienced a new openness that set the pattern to further investigate the real meaning of what was happening.

By then I thought I had an understanding and a connection with my body. I had been dancing for years in a semi-professional contemporary dance company. Dancing was a way of expressing and giving form to the formless inside. But it wasn’t complete.

More of that depth came as I was faced with intense difficulty. For me it happened in the break up of my first long term relationship. It felt like the world had ended and I had a choice, either to open or close into the pain. Somewhere in my heart I chose to open. And with that experience I learned the value of openness. My world as I had known it had ended and as I kept opening there was the unexpected and the new.

I spent the next few years learning all I could about different types of yoga, and massage. After finishing a BA in Anthropology I started a long trip to South America and was introduced to Vipassana Meditation. These silent ten-day meditation retreats were an amazing tool that showed me to be still, see and discover the world inside. In the years that followed I continued my studies in massage therapy, I worked assisting in the teaching of massage therapy classes and I had a private massage therapy practice in Argentina.

My first Yoga Teacher Training was in Iyengar tradition, then I started teaching yoga in 2007. I had the opportunity of attending the Yoga Teachers Training with the big-hearted Yogi Vishvketu in 2010.

I’m enormously grateful to my teachers for the light that they bring on the meaning of life and the beyond."

Soledad and her husband Mariano created Integrated Therapies together, and also collaborated in the creation of their beautiful Orel and Pina.  Soledad also teaches yoga at different studios in Edmonton.

Due to her massage training in different schools around the world, Soledad is not a registered massage therapist in Alberta.  Although she is an excellent massage therapist with a lot of experience we will suggest that, if you have to claim your treatment with an insurance company, to book an appointment with a registered massage therapist at our clinic. If you don’t need to claim your appointment we encourage you to try her unforgettable hands. You will understand what a good massage is.

Provided Treatments: Massage Therapy, One on One Yoga

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